Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

We all have to give up work at some stage whether we want to or not.

For most people, stopping work is a major event. You probably won’t know what to expect. What will you do with your time? What kind of lifestyle will you have? What sort of income will you need? Preparation is the key to successful retirement planning – and it is never too early to start.

With people living longer, enjoying increasingly sophisticated lifestyles and in turn having the need for a satisfactory level of income after they retire, the advice surrounding the decisions of how, when and why to invest in a pension are crucial. In recent times investment companies have specifically designed low risk products to cater for the requirements of people who are trying to seek alternatives to deposit accounts but do not want to invest in products which may be outside their risk tolerance.

Funding your pension is the most tax efficient form of savings that any of us will ever experience. At Forum Capital Consults we believe in actively managing your pension fund, both before retirement and especially after retirement.

Your retirement fund has great scope from an investment point of view and we believe we can match an appropriate Pension Portfolio with each client’s risk appetite. Setting expectations with our clients from the start is a vital part in our advice process. By frequently meeting with our clients, and by encouraging them to set financial targets, we can pass on our expertise in the investment markets to our clients, ensuring they are making the most of their retirement fund.

Retirement planning can be a difficult science at the technical level, however, it can be so straightforward conceptually! Our goal at Forum Capital Consults is to pass relatively straight forward concepts to our clients, whilst taking care of the technical side for them.