Investment Advice

Investment Advice

The single most important feature of investment is to ensure that the risk profile of the investment matches the risk attitude of the client.

The problem in the current climate for most investors, with deposit rates reducing to historically low levels, is the difficulty in combining security with a reasonable rate of return and for this reason many people are now looking to source low risk funds, with a potential for reasonable growth as an alternative to guaranteed type returns. The difficulty with most of these funds is that there tends to be no capital guarantee and there is no minimum guaranteed rate of return and any growth is dependent on the performance of the investments in which you are invested.

Most investment funds offered by insurance companies are now categorised on a risk scale of 1 to 7 where 1 is completely secure and 7 is high risk and this helps people understand the level of risk associated with the product. In recent times investment companies have specifically designed low risk products to cater for the requirements of people who are trying to seek alternatives to deposit accounts but do not want to invest in products which may be outside their risk tolerance.

At Forum Capital Consults we employ a multi layered approach to Investment Management. Savings and lump sum investments, if invested wisely, can provide the means for funding future life goals including property purchases, education fees for children and other items which can be difficult to fund from day to day income.

Our approach to risk profiling and asset allocation, coupled with our knowledge and expertise, allows us to consistently match the risk-return profile of each of our clients with an appropriate, client specific investment strategy.

We constantly profile and analyse a wide array of investment products and services, determining relative value amongst competing investments. To optimise performance, we recommend adjustment and rebalancing of the portfolio when it is required and regularly review the portfolio with our clients to ensure that the investment approach at any given time reflects the needs and aspirations of the client.